School board needs real leaders

Reader input
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I noticed in Telegraph editor Don Chaddock’s column on April 28 that the Folsom Cordova Unified School District is replacing the superintendent with another typical bureaucrat. At the same time there was a notice for a “So, You Wanna Run for School Board?” workshop put on by the same school district. I am not sure why the school district would want to pass out top-level increases while seeking to find new people who want to help lead the district. What happened to the people we elected? They can’t say no to a top-level bureaucrat but to the working underlings they can say, “Sorry, but here’s your pink slip.” Come on. You’re elected so do your job rather than waiting for the next elected board to fix things. I really believe that the people doing the work want to see a leader that would have the integrity to say, “Sorry, that increase is just not appropriate given these economic times. I will do the job for 10-percent less than the current staff and we will make it through with as many good staff as possible.” So, where have all the leaders gone? Leaders are developed by example. Where are our examples? Robert Bailey, Folsom