San Juan Soccer Club dustup surrounds Vegas trip

By: Penne Usher, Telegraph Correspondent
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EL DORADO HILLS, CA - Allegations regarding the San Juan Soccer Club turning a deaf ear to concerns about a lack of supervision at a Las Vegas tournament have caused turmoil within the premier club.

Jay Ramey, of El Dorado Hills, whose 14-year-old daughter plays with the San Juan Soccer Club, was with her team on the Las Vegas trip. At the time, Ramey was a team manager.

He learned one of the coaches, Derek Evans, dropped a few of the girls off at the New York New York casino and left them unattended.

“My first response was ‘I can’t believe this,” Ramey said. As a team manager, Ramey said, it was necessary for him to take his concerns to the board.

“When it comes to the kids (and this type of allegation) you have to investigate,” he said. “The board didn’t think it was necessary.”

Ramey has since been removed from the position of team manager, he said.

Evans has denied the allegations of misconduct.

“That is absolutely incorrect. There was parental supervision at all times,” he said. “That’s an accusation that I absolutely deny.”

Evans did not dispute the fact he dropped a group of young girls off at New York New York, but it was with supervision and he only did so because he had to take another player to the emergency room.

“I had one (girl) get hurt and had to be with her,” Evans said. “I knew that supervision was absolutely mandatory and had a parent keep an eye on them.”

There are discrepancies between Ramey’s allegations and Evans’ account of the situation.

Ramey took his concerns to the San Juan Soccer Club board.

Joe Oddo, president of the soccer club, said Sunday a thorough investigation was conducted and the board could not determine with complete factual accuracy who was right, Ramey, or Evans.

“We could not determine who was right,” Oddo said. “We talked to the parent of the girls involved presenting the facts as best we could and none of them seemed too concerned.”

No one was injured nor did the families report they felt their children were in any immediate danger, according to Oddo.

He said that the board took both sides of the allegations into consideration and has since laid down clear guidelines for conduct.

“We want our kids to be safe, that’s our primary function,” Oddo said.