Romance and finance are hot topics for psychics

By: Art Garcia, Telegraph Correspondent
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Not even psychics are immune to the economic downturn. “There’s definitely an increase in people fearful of the economy (asking), ‘Am I going to lose my house, my job?’,” said Todd Grosby, an intuitive reader who lives in Placerville and who does readings on Fridays at Planet Earth Rising gift and book store in Old Folsom at 625 Sutter St. About 75 percent of his clients are women and aside from worries about the economy, topics have to do with relationships, careers and spirituality. As an intuitive reader, Grosby, 40, doesn’t tell his clients what’s going to happen. “I’m more interested in helping them figure out how to handle what’s ahead,” he said. “I tell them to focus on things they can do to prepare for a new job. I’m definitely not a fortune teller. I’m more interested in gaining insight into people and their nature. … I guess you could call me an advice nurse.” Grosby said he attended the Berkeley Psychic Institute in Sacramento to learn to develop an intuitive skill he always had but wasn’t aware of. “My ultimate goal is to offer clarity and inspire people,” he said. The current recession is going to be “an ongoing issue,” he predicted. “Things have stabilized in the short term but the long-term prospects are really uncertain. I believe there’s still a rocky road ahead, but I’m a believer in the entrepreneurial spirit of the country and prosperity, despite government intervention, is still very achievable. “I can tell you the housing market is going to take time,” said Grosby, a former real estate salesman. He charges $50 for a half-hour intuitive reading, $100 for an hour. “It could be five to 10 years before we see again a healthy real estate market.” But, most business for psychics continues to come from customers who want answers about romance, more than finance. Normally in a bad economy, business “tends to pick up,” said Sue Lyons, who runs the Alternative Healing Alliance in Diamond Springs. “I’ve been giving more readings but it’s surprising that a lot of them are not asking about whether they’re going to have money. They just want to know what’s coming in general with relationships, are they going to move, stay here, that sort of thing,” Lyons said. She also gets those who want to know about jobs, whether they’re going to get one, lose what they have or change jobs. But, she added, in hard economic times people without jobs “usually don’t go to psychics.” Women, she said, are more likely to go to a psychic than men. Lisa, a psychic palm and card reader in Roseville, said there’s been no rush to view the future from those worried about theirs. “People are tightening their belts,” she said. She won’t give general financial advice but will offer her personal recommendations. She suggests people take the current financial crunch in stride. “Our lives are full of ups and downs,” Lisa noted. “I would say just keep a positive outlook. The more you have a negative outlook, the more negative it becomes. I don’t like people to feel it’s always going to be continuously bad. It’s no use.” What Lyons sees ahead for the economy, the stock market and other money matters “changes day to day,” she said. “I hear things and think, ‘Oh, that doesn’t sound good’ or ‘that sounds good.’” Lyons described what she sees and hears as being more on an energetic than physical level. “To me, we’re kind of like on a precipice and it’s a matter of which direction are we going to choose to jump. … I think the economy is going to ‘slow and grow’ or it’s going to crash … but I think it’s going to be slower than we want.” Some come to her for a “house healing,” seeking a peek into the future to learn whether their home will ever sell. If a home doesn’t sell, sometimes it’s due to energy, “especially up here in the foothills where there’s a lot of energy that’s kind of weird” and has been for more than a century. “Going back to the gold miners there was a lot of rotten stuff. They had witch covens up here,” said Lyons. “I don’t know where but there were a lot of them.” Her fee for readings is $75 per hour, $25 for a 20-minute session. --- Planet Earth Rising What: Readings offered daily, see Web site for times. Where: 625 Sutter St., Folsom Contact: (530) 355-8844 On the Web: