Reinstate EDH chief John Skeel, recall the entire board

Reader input
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Too often friends working together within an organization put friendships and personal agendas before the organization’s mission and the people they are supposed to be serving. Sadly, I believe such is the case here. The El Dorado Hills CSD Board of Directors has a duty and responsibility to listen to community input. The community has overwhelmingly voiced a desire to have John Skeel return to work as the general manager. The board has ignored this input. In its handling of this matter, the board itself is guilty of the accusations it has made against Skeel, especially the lack of understanding of budget issues. Furthermore, Director Noelle Mattock, attending only the closed door session Thursday, was a middle finger salute to the community. Her actions make her recent public letter (published in Feb. 14 edition of the El Dorado Hills Telegraph and Folsom Telegraph) no more than politically correct B.S. Skeel has not been given a fair chance to work for the community. I’d like to see the termination withdrawn, Skeel returned to work, a Grand Jury Investigation of the board, a recall of certain board members, and Ms. Lowry’s employment terminated. Lacking power to make that happen, each time a current board member comes up for re-election, I will cast my vote accordingly — even if he or she is a friend. Della Clavere, El Dorado Hills