Redevelopment of Sutter Street should cause outrage

Reader input
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I was as perplexed and confused as Trevor Sansom about the opinions given by Folsom residents in a recent Telegraph. I quipped to my wife that they must have worked hard to find three people who agreed with the pending changes to our beloved Sutter Street until I found out they were all Sutter Street business owners. The Telegraph failed to mention that miniscule detail. I have conducted a non scientific, yet comprehensive poll, of dozens of friends and casual contacts about the fleecing of Sutter Street and have not found one individual that thought it would serve as an incentive to visit or shop the soon to be less-than-historic icon. Furthermore, I am shocked and disappointed that such a transition is being ignored by state historic watchdogs. Most communities would fight to preserve such a venerable landmark. Destroying the ambiance of Sutter Street is not the answer. Can you imagine the outcry that would be generated if the Sacramento City Council decided to tear out Old Town in favor of modernization? I don’t want to be in front of that storm. This seems as nonsensical as naming a bridge that crosses a river, “Folsom Lake Crossing.” Dave Gunter, Folsom