Reader questions reason for shooting

Letter to the Editor
By: Steve Hollywood, Folsom
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Something hit me wrong after reading The Telegraph?s April 15 story on the Folsom Police killing of a 23-year-old man on Easter Sunday. In fact I was shocked. Granted I was not there, and rely on accurate reporting of the event, but how many families in the future do you think will call the Folsom Police to help with an obvious ?mentally unstable? family member? Three police office?s can?t contain a hallucinating young man who has obvious emotional or drug related problems, even if he has a knife, and is ?threatening?? How about locking the house up and thinking about it first? And because of faulty Tasers, they resort to shooting him? Where?s the training here? Did the family call the police with the death of their son in mind or to seek help? Now the city will surely be forced to pay a gigantic ?out of court? settlement to this family once a lawyer runs this one down. Steve Hollywood Folsom