Reader input: Service clubs do great things in the community

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I faithfully read the Folsom Telegraph every week and the Feb. 20 comment page caught my eye. We donated $600 to the Folsom Rotary Scholarship Foundation in memory of George Houx, a long time Rotarian and Folsom resident. He had a long career at Aerojet and was sadly taken from his family by lung cancer eight years ago. So, we donated money in his memory to this worthy foundation so that a youngster from the Folsom area could have a little help in furthering their education.

His son, Mike Houx, my husband, has also lived in Folsom for 53 years and has made this town his home and has a business based in Rancho Cordova, West Coast Industrial Flooring, Inc. It just goes to show you that you can be raised in this town, educated in this town and have a very successful career here as well.

Joan Houx, Folsom