Reader input: Senior housing in needed in Folsom

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I was appalled to read of the opposition to the senior housing project proposed for the Empire Ranch area of Folsom (March 27 Folsom Telegraph, “Senior housing causes stir”). There has been longstanding opposition to apartment type and affordable projects expressed by each neighborhood in Folsom during my more than 20 years here. Many want their neighborhoods excluded as if they have somehow bought property rights that other neighborhoods lack. Of course we all want to have safe and well-maintained neighborhoods, this does NOT mean that providing less expensive housing will degrade the area.

There has been a shortage of housing for seniors and young adults with entry-level jobs during the entire time I have lived here. While caring for my elderly parents, I found there were very few communities where they could live in town; money was not the issue, availability was. Many of my daughter’s high school cohorts, Folsom High class of 2007, are still living with their parents despite working full time jobs due to the high rents. Don’t our seniors and children deserve a place to live in our town?

I live in a desirable neighborhood with “upscale homes” that includes an apartment complex, condos, and affordable housing; there has been no increase in crime or traffic. Implying that is the outcome of proposed senior housing in Empire Ranch is poorly thought out fear mongering and an ultimately selfish tactic.

I support the efforts of the developers who take on such projects and the City when seeking to provide housing for all of our families.

Barbara Leary, Folsom