Reader input: Gay marriage opinion doesn't belong in Telegraph

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A few days ago you published an opinion piece from Tom Rupp on the gay marriage issue (“Who is close minded, gay marriage supporters or opponents?,” Telegraph, April 3, 2013, page B3). I realize that he writes this piece as an opinion, and he makes several valid points. He does, however, reveal that he is against gay marriage and tries to equate it to a woman divorcing her husband and marrying her son. This argument is similar, in my opinion, to saying that once our country gave women the right to vote, the danger might have been that we give our pets, or children, the right to vote. It is made solely to scare people by stating something that is not even a logical argument.

I would like to express my disappointment in this opinion being in your publication. Our community has to realize that no matter what they personally feel, there are young people in our community who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT). Every time someone expresses a negative opinion, especially an adult in a position of power, young LGBT people are marginalized, and put at increased risk of the many destructive things that they are already facing every day.

I don’t know the editor or what his personal beliefs are, but even if you belief that LGBT individuals are sinners, deviants, and/or can change if they wish – making them feel worse about themselves and empowering others to treat them as less than equals is not something that I believe betters our society.

David Bowik, El Dorado Hills