Reader input: Folsom is violating state law

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Re: “City turning to residents for feedback.”

Armchair critics, give them your personal access info.

What makes you think the city will listen to a few social-media remarks when they have ignored the California Attorney General for over a decade?

The city has been in direct violation of California law and when it was forced via litigation to address the “housing element,” it passed a housing law and repealed it soon after. This group won’t listen to the lawful authorities, why would they care what the social media has to say? They need to have public meetings with sworn testimony.

California law, as the California Attorney General and top planning agent told them, requires public hearings every seven years. Our last City Engineer was a major contributor to obeying these laws and complying with engineering laws and regulations.

We have had no City Engineer for over a decade, and now not even Public Works Department is run by a licensed engineer any longer.

Please consult the California Attorney General (dated August 2000) and other letters on this subject of the city’s violations.

LJ Laurent, Folsom