Reader input: Folsom police are doing great

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Re: Folsom going downhill fast (Reader input, Folsom Telegraph, Feb. 20)

Obviously, Mr. Freitas lives with blinders on or under a rock. Folsom is one of the safest and productive cities in the county of Sacramento. I have lived here in Folsom since 1989 and have seen many positive changes. Never have I encountered any of the adversities that he mentions. The police are pro-active and do an outstanding job of protecting the community. As an example, one night I received a call at midnight from the Folsom Police that I had left my garage door open. That was thanks to a policeman patrolling the area and calling into dispatch to report his finding. If that isn’t pro-active, I don’t know what is. Think you better open your eyes wider Mr. Freitas and take a good look as to the positive aspects of living in Folsom.

Stephen Templeton, Folsom