Reader input: Don't bash name of our community event

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Re: Folsom city leaders are insulting Christian traditions

As many years as I have lived in this community I have never heard the Folsom egg hunt being called anything else other than Eggstravaganza. It is disappointing to see a fellow Folsom community member, who claims to be a do-good Christian, be upset over a free and fun community event. Is it wrong to have an event where families can spend quality time together just because it’s not called an egg hunt? I don’t think so.

JC Balint should embrace the fact that the Folsom community and it’s leaders still want to put on this free event in such hard economic times. Many other communities would have cut an event like this to save time and money. In fact, this should be a model for the entire Folsom community. We should ban together to help put on more events like these in order to provide safe, quality time for families. For myself and others, it doesn’t matter what this event is called as long as it is upholding this great sense of community that I moved to Folsom for.

Jackie Lattice, Folsom