Reader input: Is Ami Bera a doctor or landlord?

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The more I read the paper and listen to the news, the more I wonder: Just who is Ami Bera?

In his campaign for Congress, he always calls himself “Dr. Bera,” but at a time when California is in dire need of more doctors, Bera is missing in action. He hasn’t earned a living as a doctor for years. Bera lives quite nicely off income from rental properties and stock market investments, not from a medical practice.

Why does Bera go to such great lengths to obscure the sources of his income? Landlords and investors are productive members of society. Unfortunately for “Dr. Bera,” they don’t fit the image he is trying to portray.

It’s all about image, and Bera’s campaign is all about image — not about the harsh realities.

We would all be a lot better off if Bera cashed in his investments, sold his rental properties and went back to his chosen profession. If not, he ought to at least change his ads to say “Landlord Bera for Congress.”

Fran Kruger, Gold River