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Folsom’s stand against a “medicinal marijuana” shop is commendable but looks like a lost battle in permissive California. If marijuana becomes legal in November, I will evict my kids and will start a cannabis family business in their rooms. I already secured the domain names “Merry Juana” and “Merry Jane” and related 1-800 numbers. “Para Merry Juana, oprima el uno. … For Merry Jane, press two.” People ALWAYS stop at children’s lemonade stands. I would get my kids to sell roaches: a Merry Juana/Jane lemonade and joints sidewalk booth…buy two get one free. I would also be driving an old ice cream truck and cruise our un-cool neighborhoods and stalk customers. The Merry Jane truck would be playing reggae music and would generate addictive smoke thanks to joints smoldering in the exhaust pipe. “Daddy, daddy, the smoking ice cream truck is coming! No kiddo…this is the Merry truck for daddy’s medicine!” California is at work to improve our schools by legalizing and taxing vices (Alcohol, cigarettes, gambling). Jerry Brown rightly said, “We got to compete with China, and if everybody’s stoned, how the hell are we going to make it?” Yes, M. Brown, how the hell are we going to do that? Eric Chevreuil, Folsom