Reader: ‘What is wrong with you people?’

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Last year The Telegraph had a survey of what people wanted to hear – 85 percent said Merry Christmas, 15 percent said “other” and 0 percent said Happy Holiday. So why are you and your businesses afraid to say Merry Christmas in your ads? Last week in the Telegraph there were two pages of ads with Santa Claus in each one and not one word of Christmas. I found two small words of Christmas in the whole paper. A local hardware store said they can’t have a Christmas Party and a young waitress at a restaurant my wife and went to Friday night told us they were not allowed to say Merry Christmas. The newsletters and flyers I get from the Folsom Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Business Bureau, has yet to say Merry Christmas. What is wrong with you people? And why don’t you call the trees by their real name. They have been Christmas trees all of my life and they are still Christmas trees. Well in my place of business all of my employees and I still say Merry Christmas and it will be in all of my ads. I’m one of those 85 percent and if I offend anyone, so be it. Bill Williams Folsom