Plenty of high-flying fun at rodeo

Folsom Pro Rodeo
By: Penne Usher, The Telegraph
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Dancing horses, a shoot-out on Sutter Street, a skydiver waving Old Glory and good ol’ country music are on tap to entertain the crowds during the Folsom Pro Rodeo. MUSIC SCENE Sacramento-based Dave Russell band will entertain the rodeo crowd before and immediately following the rodeo July 2, 3, and 4 at Mike’s Golden Spike Saloon. Russell, who grew up in North Carolina and now makes Sacramento his home, has been singing country music professionally since 1999. During a recent phone interview, Russell, who was in a Nashville studio working on his next album, said his band is all about entertaining the crowd. “We play a big variety of music,” he said. “When we hit the stage we put it on go and don’t stop. We could be playing anything from Elvis to the Rolling Stones or Skynard. Whatever keeps the crowd dancing.” Rodeo fans can catch the show for free. GUNSLINGERS More Country & Western entertainment is on tap before the Cattle Drive down Sutter Street. The Sierra Six Shooters dressed in period costumes from the 1860-to-1890s era will act out Wild West skits to the crowd’s amusement. “We have our own back drop façade and we try to be close to historical, but we end up being hysterical,” Charline Buckley, one of the performers, said. “We have a poker scene in which lots of things happen. There’s an angry pregnant woman, a gunfight, a bigger gunfight and more gun fighting. It’s lots of action.” Rest assured the skits may be action-packed, but there are no graphic depictions of injury or bloodshed. “We are very family friendly,” Buckley said. The re-enactment group has been providing gun-slinging action to crowds throughout the area for more than five years and do so for their “love of history.” “We often check the area’s history where we are performing and may do a narrative or come up with a skit. It’s living history,” Buckley said. OH SAY, CAN YOU SEE? Taking to the sky each night during the three-day rodeo event will be skydiver Kent Lane. Lane will drop from the sky each night during the rodeo trailing a 2,000 square foot American flag. During a short free fall from 4,500 feet, lane will speak to the audience via a helmet mounted radio system while he deploys a canopy and lowers the flag. PAINTED LADIES More rodeo horse action will take place in the arena. The Painted Ladies Rodeo Performers and equestrian drill team will show off their roping and riding talents. Jennifer Sweeney, one of the riders, said for 17 years the group has performed together at various venues including the Rose Bowl. “We have between 11 to 13 riders and we do very fast maneuvers all synced to music,” she said. “We do most of our performing in the middle of the arena and get the crowd going for the upcoming event.” Rodeo-goers will see trick riding, roping the synchronized moves of horse and rider. “We look forward to Folsom it’s by far or favorite rodeo — ever,” Sweeney said. “It’s the wonderful crowd.” Tickets are available at or at the Folsom Chamber of Commerce, 200 Wool St., Folsom.