Is patriotism lacking in America?

Reader input
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Another Memorial Day weekend and many celebrated with tons of greasy food washed down with beer and soda on the muddy beaches. On Memorial Day, in the Folsom cemeteries, there were more American flags marking the tombs of dead soldiers than those gathered to remember and honor them. In Europe, where hundreds of thousands American soldiers died during WW1 and WWII, official military and civilian ceremonies are held every year on May 8 (1945, V day Europe, WW II) and November 11 (1918, Armistice Day, WW1). In immense Arlington-like military cemeteries, we celebrate the sacrifice of your veterans because they paid the ultimate price for our freedom They rest in peace in the lands they freed. Unfortunately, here, it looks like people know more about Cinco de Mayo than their own history. Did you remind your children about May 7 and the Lusitania (America enters WW1)? Did you talk about May 8 and the end of WWII? Did you tell the story of “Decoration day” on May 30? Will you mention Aug. 15, or tell again the story of the Day of Infamy? The Folsom ceremony felt like an anachronism in today’s culture, despite the two wars going on. The ceremony was military and solemn. It felt like: only there, only these people, only today. The speeches were about freedom not being free, about our responsibility to keep our history alive and about the honor and dedication of our citizens in uniform. How can one understand today without learning about yesterday? I guess education and parental guidance should be part of the process, but what do I know? I am French, a former officer and a recent immigrant. Eric Chevreuil, Folsom