Past 'Idol' finalists bring Motown to Folsom

By: Brad Smith Telegraph Correspondent
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This year, former American Idol singers will be bringing some Motown magic to the kick-off block party for Folsom Live. Don Langford, entertainment coordinator for Folsom Live, said the Friday show should be something exciting. “It’s going to be a really great show for the whole family,” Langford said. “If you love the show and music in general, then you’re going to enjoy the stage show.” Four former Idol contestants will be performing that Friday night and they are: Trenyce Cobbins who placed fifth on the second season of Idol in 2003; Gina Glocksen who placed ninth the sixth season of Idol in 2007; Michael Sarver who placed tenth on the eighth season of Idol in 2009; and, David Hernandez who placed twelfth on the seventh season of Idol in 2008. Langford said that the Motown stage show came out of the American Idol program itself. “If you’re familiar with the show, there are ‘theme’ nights,” he said. “One night, the contestants will perform country-western songs or songs from certain bands. However, the highest-rated program has been the one with the Motown era songs.” Langford said that Michael Orland, musical director for the “American Idol” TV show, oversees the Idol touring shows that feature former contestants. Since the Motown program has always been popular, Langford said Orland packaged together a tour featuring Motown songs. “There are different tours for each region of the country,” Langford said. “In fact, Folsom Live is the beginning of the West Coast Motown tour shows. Yes, they’re kicking off the tour here in our town.” This will also be the first time the stage show will be performed outdoors. “The Motown show is a big production. This is something that you would see at the Arco Arena,” Langford said. “But this is going to be a very big, elaborate production. People will really love it, I think.” Adding to the hometown touch, Langford said that some local singers would have the chance of performing onstage with the American Idol singers. “The Powerhouse Pub has been holding their own American Idol contests for a month or so,” he said. “The winner will appear during the Motown show.” Murray Weaver, the Pub’s owner, said that there have been Idol contests held for more than a month. “It’s been amazing to see a lot of talented people come out and perform,” Weaver said. “Some really put their hearts into it. In the end, it comes down to two finalists.” Weaver said that the Pub contests will have two winners: ages 21 and below then 21 and older. “We didn’t want to exclude young people so we held a separate contest for them as well,” he said. Weaver said that last year Folsom Live drew crowds of more than 6,000 attendees. “I think this year we’ll have more people,” he said. “With the Motown show, that’s going to be a big draw.” Langford said he is looking forward to the Motown show. “I can’t think of a greater way to start off Folsom Live,” he said. “People are going to enjoy this show.” For more information, visit