Painted Ladies a patriotic rodeo attraction

By: Penne Usher Telegraph Correspondent
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The Painted Ladies Rodeo Performers will take to the arena once again to wow the crowds at this year’s Folsom Pro Rodeo. “We perform all over the state at a variety of events, but the Folsom Pro Rodeo is our hometown rodeo and our favorite,” said Jennifer Macias-Sweeney of the “extreme” drill team riding group. For 18 years the group has performed at rodeos, baseball openings and parades. “We have a seven-and-a-half minute routine where we do trick riding, trick roping and precision movements,” Macias-Sweeney said. This year there is a new feature to their routine. Macias-Sweeney’s daughter will play the National Anthem on the saxophone while standing on her horse as it rides around the arena. “We really like to get the crowd into it and excited,” Macias-Sweeney said. The riders are considered the No. 1 equestrian attraction at the rodeo. They also sponsor the Folsom Pro Rodeo Queen contest. Although Orangevale resident Brie Jesser, 26, hasn’t been to the rodeo in a few years, the equestrian group was always her favorite. “My parents took me from the time I was four until I was 12 or 13,” she said. “Since I grew up riding horses, I wanted to be one of the Painted Ladies when I got older.” Jesser has plans to attend this year’s event and watch the riding team that all ride American Paint horses. For the “beautiful women on beautiful horses” riding in the rodeo with the American flags and all the patriotic colors is an honor, Macias-Sweeney said. The group performs each night of the rodeo with shows at 7 and 8 p.m. The rodeo runs July 1-3. To learn more, go to