One-man shop seeks to get cyclists back on the road in El Dorado Hills

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Who: Casey McConachie
What: Bicycle Medic
Where: 2205 Francisco Drive, Suite 130, El Dorado Hills
Phone: (916) 933-4485

EL DORADO HILLS CA - Casey McConachie has a dog of a questionable breed mix as his “store manager” and drives an ambulance to do pick-ups and deliveries for his Bicycle Medic shop in El Dorado Hills.

Otherwise, he runs a normal business out of a 900-square-foot store in the Lake Forest Shopping Center, near Safeway and next to a Subway deli at 2205 Francisco Drive on the north side of town.

It’s a one-man operation, save for Corbin, the mutt, who was acquired from the SPCA and who’s there all day with McConachie, 29. The pair lives in Shingle Springs with McConachie’s wife, Jessica, and two small boys, with a girl due to arrive in February.

He’s run several bike shops over the years and also did mobile on-site service, which he’d like to add to his sales of new and used consignment bikes “but I’m a one-man band and I can’t be two places at once,” he said.

Once the business grows, he’ll offer on-site repairs again, traveling in his well-signed red and white 1996 Ford ambulance, a marketing tool and a vehicle he grew familiar with during his years as a paramedic in Southern California.

There’s no charge for pick-up and delivery for orders of more than $50.

“We’re not the biggest shop in the world but we do everything,” said McConachie. He even sells electric bikes priced between $1,000 and $2,500.

They’re designed to be pedaled, as well as ridden.

His other new bicycles include KHS adult-mountain and road bikes, Free Agent BMX bikes for kids, Manhattan Cruisers and Soma Fabrications, among other brands. He plans to add other manufacturers’ bikes in the spring.

Consignment bikes come in all varieties and have no set sales pattern. “Some are gone in an hour, some are here for two months,” McConachie said. “I had one I sold in three minutes the other day. It just depends on the right person coming in at the right time.”

He said he’s “pretty flexible” on consignment sales arrangements. If no repairs need to be done on the bike, his typical take is 10 percent of the sales price. Otherwise, it’s the cost of repairs, plus 5 percent of the sales price.

His hobby, no surprise, is bicycles. Riding and working on bikes is “something I’ve been doing since I was 5 years old. Outside of family life, bicycles are about it,” he said.

McConachie grew up near Palm Springs, Calif., and began working in bike shops at age 14, before becoming a paramedic.

He’s lived in Northern California three years and, marveling at the access to Lake Tahoe and other attractions, said he’d “never go back to Southern California.”