New trail rules are dangerous for walkers

Reader input
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The trail etiquette article (Telegraph, Aug. 31) directing pedestrians to walk on the left puts them at greater risk for injury. For the rule to work as written requires the trail to have a good sight distance for oncoming bikes. As everyone knows, who has actually walked the trails in Folsom, many corners have extremely limited sight distance. We walk on the average of five days a week when the weather permits. Yesterday, as well as several other times this year, we would have been seriously injured if we would have been on the left as we rounded a curve to the left and a bike came flying around the corner on the right (to our left). The bike rider and we could not see more than 15 feet because of shrubs blocking our line of sight. The distance does not allow any reaction at the speed of the bike. To assume bikes will slow down prior to entering a blind curve is not realistic. Walk on the left side of one of these blind curves and it won’t take long before paramedics are called. We understand the logic, but again it only works with a good line of sight. Gary Hamilton, Folsom