New resident loves area

Reader input
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I have recently moved to the area and my first day in Folsom was quite an event. My car overheated, and came to a complete stop in the middle of an area I wasn’t familiar with. I got myself to the Quizno’s on East Bidwell and was thrilled to have food and water, especially on such a hot day. The wonderful guy working behind the counter was very helpful, offering me a local telephone book and telling me “you can stay here as long as you need.” I found an Autozone in the telephone book and called Richard who told me to wait until the car cooled off then bring it around the corner to their store. Unfortunately, he was unable to repair the damaged heater hose, but allowed me to leave my car overnight until an auto service station would be open. The next day my friend’s son Brian McCarty gave me a lift to my car at Autozone, where the guys there repaired it temporarily with a hose and clamps, enough to get to the service station. Brian followed me to Folsom Speed on Natoma Street. The service tech dropped everything to help me. While I waited, I went to the Acorn Café, next door, which is fantastic. While there I met Allen Price, from Clinton Polley Insurance, who offered me a ride, should my repair not work out. My car was repaired and I was on my way, but not before experiencing the kindness of many people. You have confirmed I have picked the right place to move. Susan D. Horak, El Dorado Hills