New Folsom Lake pipeline construction gets green light

Project will improve reliability of water delivery systems to Roseville area
By: Staff report
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The Bureau of Reclamation, the San Juan Water District and the city of Roseville are proceeding with construction of the North Fork Bypass Pipeline Project at Folsom Dam and Reservoir. The Project will improve reliability of water delivery systems that serve nearly 500,000 people in Sacramento and Placer Counties, according to an official statement released by the bureau. On July 8, the bureau awarded a contract for $2.69 million to Sonoma-based Abide International to modify the existing 84-inch-diameter North Fork Pipeline with fittings and valves so that it can be connected to the new bypass pipeline. On Aug. 12, the water district, in partnership with Roseville, awarded a $5.89 million contract to Folsom-based Syblon Reid to construct the new pipeline, which will run parallel to and connect with the existing Northfork Pipeline, according to the statement. When completed, the project will provide the bureau with the ability to schedule needed maintenance on the existing 50-year-old Northfork Pipeline without interruption to water deliveries. The project will also provide the district and Roseville with increased raw-water supply reliability, according to the statement. The Project consists of modifications at both ends of the existing pipeline that will enable it to be connected to the new pipeline. This will allow either pipeline to be taken out of service for maintenance while ensuring adequate water deliveries, the statement reads. The new pipeline will include flow meters, a 3,000-foot-long 72-inch-diameter pipeline, a 600-foot-long 42-inch-diameter pipeline, and miscellaneous modifications to the existing pipeline system. All construction activities are expected to be completed by spring 2010. “This pipeline project is an excellent example of good government,” said Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Michael Connor. “We have tremendous appreciation and respect for our (water) district and city partners who share (the bureau’s) commitment to ensuring adequate and reliable water supplies.” The project has taken years to get the green light. “Construction of this Project is the result of several years of collaborative effort on the part of (the bureau), the (water) district, and the city,” said Shauna Lorance, general manager of the San Juan Water District. “Combining the resources of our agencies on this project has allowed us to meet multiple goals with greater benefits to taxpayers and our customers.” Derrick Whitehead, director of Roseville’s Environmental Utilities, agrees. “This project is something we have worked hard on for some time," Whitehead said. "Completion of the pipeline will provide the increases in reliability desired by the agencies and the operational flexibility required by reclamation. It is truly a win-win.” A drawing of the pipeline model may be viewed at For more information, contact Drew Lessard of Reclamation’s Central California Area Office at (916) 989-7180 or