Nearly 60 could lose jobs in school cuts

By: Don Chaddock, The Telegraph
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More than 100 parents, educators, students and school employees packed into the library at Folsom High School Thursday evening.

While the temperature outside hovered around 98 degrees, it was much hotter inside as tempers flared and a lack of planning meant a lack of air conditioning for those packed inside.

While the Folsom-Cordova Board of Education took no action on their proposed budget cuts, they opened the floor to hear from the public on the issue.

They did discuss setting a meeting date, July 8 or 9, to decide on issuing pink slips to "classified" staff such as custodians, clerical, library and teaching assistants. If it is approved, 59 people could receive pink slips and most of those aren't currently working because of the summer break.

A classified employee union representative said it put them at a disadvantage when trying to work with the district to minimize layoffs.

Patrick Godwin, the school district superintendent, said the proposed cuts represent a "worst-case" scenario.

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