Mutton busting competition feature sibling rivalries at Folsom Pro Rodeo

By: Matt Long, Telegraph sports editor
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The competition is always fierce at the Folsom Pro Rodeo, but things could get hotter than normal on the final day of the rodeo on Sunday, July 1. The always entertaining and crowd-pleasing mutton busting contest, held each night of the rodeo, is scheduled to feature two sets of twins competing on July 1, as bragging rights will be on the line between siblings. Lucas and Logan Svensek of Cameron Park are scheduled to compete, as are Folsom twins Riley and Ella Triplett. Both sets of twins are 5 years old. For the Svensek twins, they?ve watched bull riding since they were 2 years old, according to their mom, Heather. ?This is their version of bull riding,? Heather said. ?We explained to them what mutton busting is and they said they wanted to do it. I?m excited about it. I think it will be a lot of fun for them.? Lucas said he likes bull riding and says he?s got a plan to do well when it?s his turn to ride the sheep. As only a 5-year-old can say, Lucas said, ?I?m going to hold on his neck really tight and choke it.? A surprised mom quickly corrected her son, as Heather said he?s not going to choke the sheep and Lucas agreed to just hold on tight. While Lucas was confident in his ability to hold on, his brother, Logan, wasn?t so sure. He said it would be hard to hold to the sheep and that he might be a little scared. When asked what he might spend the winner?s share of the money on if he was fortunate enough to win, Logan said he wanted to buy a cherry tree. The Triplett twins have the right gene pool to do well in the competition. Their nephew entered a similar contest in Reno a while ago and won. Riley and Ella saw a video of the competition and decided they wanted to try it. ?I?m excited for them,? said their mom, Annemarie. ?It?s a unique experience that they?ll never get to do again. It?s a cute little story for our family to share.? Riley and Ella have been practicing riding on their dad, John, and nephew to prepare for the competition ? an event about which Ella had a lot to say. ?I think it will be hard, but I?m going to wrap my arms around the sheep and squeeze hard,? Ella said. ?I think it will be fun. I think I will hold on for 100 minutes.? Kurt and Alisha Freedle also have two mutton busters in the competition, Tyler, 6, and Emma, 5, who will compete on Saturday, June 30. Tyler competed last year and despite taking a hard fall off the sheep, is back for another go-round this year, while Emma will be competing for the first time. ?Tyler liked it, but took a hard fall last year and was a little hesitant,? said their dad, Kurt. ?Emma saw Tyler in the parade last year and is excited about being in the parade this year.? Tyler is looking forward to getting back on the sheep again this year. ?It will be fun,? Tyler said. ?I hurt my neck and arm last year, but I still had fun. I?m going to hold on for five hours this time. If I win I?m going to go to McDonalds.? Folsom resident, Ryan Jimison, 5, has gone to the rodeo for a few years and is finally old enough to compete in the mutton busting competition. He might have the inside track to a first-place finish, as he already competed in the event before at the El Dorado County Fair last year. ?He loved it,? said his mom, Michelle. ?He didn?t hold on for very long, but he still had fun.? He?s also been preparing for this year?s event by practicing on his black lab dog, Chance. ?I like riding the sheep and I will be excited, not scared,? Ryan said. ?I?m going to wrap my arms around the neck and my legs around the body and hold on for 10 seconds.?