Musical is tall order for Seuss-themed show at Three Stages in Folsom

By: Don Chaddock, Managing Editor
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FOLSOM, CA - “A person is a person, no matter how small,” sings Horton the Elephant in “Seussical,” but it can also be a motto for the production.

With more than 130 involved in the acting, dancing and singing of the Dr. Seuss-themed youth production by El Dorado Musical Theatre (EDMT), they range in age from very small (6 years old) to not-so-small-at-all (18).

The sets, towering nearly two stories above the stage floor, were as high as 14 feet, according to Trevor Frew, on staff with the theatrical group.

“We had to use Extreme Tow to help us transport some of the larger sets,” he said. “The jungle sets are eight feet by 10 feet at the base and 14 feet tall.”

With two platforms staggered up the sides for dancers, the sets played an integral part in the production, mimicking what many are familiar with seeing in the books.

Producer Alicia Soto praised the young men in the show, since many are pulling double duty.

“It was harder for the boys because they’re in both casts,” she said.

The 130 actors are split between two casts, dubbed Eggs and Ham.

Folsom resident Christina Vasile, 17, is an eight-show veteran of the EDMT stage.

“I love this show,” she said. “It’s so much fun. Probably one of the most fun shows I’ve done.”

Vasile said EDMT is a welcoming group.

“I love the people,” she said. “We’re all like one big family, very supportive and loving.”

Connor Ricketts, 14, calls Shingle Springs home but lately, he’s been hitting the rehearsals at EDMT’s El Dorado Hills facility.

“I’ve been in five or six EDMT shows,” he said. “I love ‘Seussical.’

It’s great. There’s a lot of energy.”

Playing a “bad boy” monkey was also a new experience.

“It’s been fun playing a ‘bad boy’ character,” he said. “It’s different than the usual parts I play.”

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