Mom Column

Lollipop Cuts an enjoyable experience for kids
By: Stephanie Jantzen
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Moms, there are many things that remain constant, if not reliable, as we raise our children. Siblings will fight, gum will eventually get stuck in someone’s hair, the dog will eat the homework, and our offsprings’ hair will grow. Haircuts are a constant, and often, we’re seeking out that perfect place to make this event a non-event. Impossible – I think not. Enter Lollipop Cuts. Out of two locations in our region and one in the Bay Area, the Granite Bay salon boasts mostly us – Folsom and El Dorado Hills customers. There really does not exist anything like it anywhere else. If you have children who have a hard time with getting their hair cut, this is your place. Lynn Duong is the owner of this shop, with her partner in Saratoga, Calif. Duong can’t believe she’s cutting kids’ hair. She went to cosmetology school and the second she graduated her friend urged her to start cutting children’s hair. Duong couldn’t think of anything scarier. Children are like moving targets, which is why most salons won’t touch them. She was surprised to discover she loves cutting children’s hair. Duong says that the children bring her happiness, and she wants to give them back the same. She has a sizeable clientele of children with autism and other special needs because of her patience and empathic disposition. She also takes great care of all the rest, including the dads who come to bring the kids for their cuts. When you and your brood walk into Lollipop Cuts, you’ll be instantly surrounded in colorful murals. One is a cartoonish map of the Sacramento region, and the other side is a playful jungle full of happy animals grinning at your children. Duong has taken special care to provide a huge play area including a train table, dolls and toys, and a couple of small cars your kids can ride in. When, not if, they have to use the bathroom, they will walk into Lollipop Cove, an underwater sea life mural that makes the trip to the bathroom fun. The chairs your kids sit in for their cuts are actually toy cars, fire engines and race cars. Duong has placed plasma televisions over every other chair, with DVD players, so your child can watch one of many in Duong’s selections, or you can bring your own. She even has a couple of chairs with X-box and Playstation for the older kids. Duong has also had her share of complaints, and as a mom, I want to encourage you to communicate with anyone who is handling your child. If you think your child has had enough, you need to be your child’s advocate. Duong truly wants you and your children to have a good experience, and she wants to do whatever she can to make that happen. I have a son who has had several surgeries and other procedures. Haircuts for him were absolutely petrifying. It was a nightmare for me, as well as for him. Duong was able to calm him so that now he looks forward to seeing “Miss Lynn.” Oh yeah, and after the haircut, your kids get to pick out a lollipop from the lollipop trees. For more information, call 916-772-5655. Stephanie Jantzen is a resident of El Dorado Hills, a former resident of Folsom, a mother of two preschool-age children and wife of a great husband. Contact Stephanie at