Milkotin is hired gun

Reader input
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I think that a public clarification is in order. You recently published an extensive column by one Marko Milkotin, identified solely as “Northern California Regional Director for California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse and a resident of Folsom.” He claims that Californians “pay” a $32 billion “tort tax” — but where he got these numbers from is not defined. He then asserts that this (undefined) “tort tax” is a “payment” that is “draining” the economy, and should be “spent” elsewhere. Milkotin is, in fact, the chairman of River City Communications (RCC), a for-profit public relations company. RCC’s significant clients include: almart, the CA Farm Bureau Federation and CA Restaurant Association — all of which are against any form of civil liability system. Identifying Mr. Milkotin as part of an alleged “grassroots” organization is misleading. He is a paid professional spin-meister for his clients. His company Web site states his corporate mission with single-minded zeal, “RCC is a public affairs and government relations firm that has one mission: To develop winning strategies and achieve measurable results.” In substance, an undefined “tort tax” of $32 billion is a meaningless sound bite. He is apparently including all money that passes through administration of all insurance companies, and all settlements, verdicts and all legal costs. So conflating the non-litigation costs of insuring your car for property damage as “tort costs” and implying that if we “only restricted tort litigation” that these costs would simply go away is another falsehood. Laurence Deutsch, attorney, New York, N.Y.