Miklos should continue on council

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I read an article in your Oct. 20 letter to the editor section titled "Time for new city council." After reading it and trying to digest the point, I felt compelled to write in support of a council member; Steve Miklos, who I believe has shown good open leadership during his tenure as a council member. I have lived in Folsom for over 60 years and worked for the City of Folsom for 32 years before retiring. I have known Steve for about 20 years and worked under his leadership as a superintendent for the city. I have found him to be the same today as he was then. He is open to citizen's comments, makes good common sense decisions, and has gone out of his way to represent us. I have not always agreed with him but know that he has respected my opinion, listened, and used those comments in his decision making-process. The value of experience is what makes a seasoned teacher better than a neophyte. Remember on Nov. 2, vote Steve Miklos for Folsom City Council. Robert D. Bailey