A Major Middle

Allison Pepper, Folsom Middle School
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Editor’s Note: Each week during the sports season, the Telegraph will profile a middle school athlete. Who: Allison Pepper, 13, is a 8th grader at Folsom Middle School and a post player on the basketball team. How long have you been playing basketball? Five or six years. What other sports do you play and which is your favorite? I also play soccer and I like soccer a little bit more than basketball. What is your favorite part about the game? I like the energy and the pressure. I also like winning. What are you best at? I’m good at layups and shooting. Who’s had the most influence on your basketball career? My dad because he encourages me and helps me practice. How did the team do this season? We were average but I had a lot of fun. What are your future plans with the sport? I plan to play in high school at Vista del Lago and maybe college. Coach’s Comment: “Allison was our team captain. She’s a steady player, whether she’s at small forward or guard and also an excellent defensive player. Allison was among our scoring leaders." ~ Steve Kester