A Major Middle

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Editor’s Note: Each week during the sports season, the Telegraph will profile a middle school athlete. Who: Faith Smith, 12, is a 7th grader at Folsom Middle School and a point guard on the basketball team. How long have you been playing basketball? Seven years. What is your favorite class in school and why? Science because Ms. Mohler is the best teacher ever. What is your favorite part about the game? I really like scoring. I make one or two 3-pointers every game. What are your future goals? I’d like to get a scholarship, if not for volleyball than for basketball. Who’s had the most influence on your basketball career? Probably my brothers, Kalib and Logan. They’re always pushing me to my fullest ability, going to the park and helping me work on my shot. Coach’s Comment: “One of the most athletic players I've ever seen at this level of competition. Faith is an outstanding shooter, aggressive, intimidating defender and strong passer. Combined with the intangibles of being a quick learner, unselfish, fearless and having a great will to win give Faith unlimited potential." ~ Chip Miller