Locals decide city council, sheriff races

By: Don Chaddock Telegraph Managing Editor
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Folsom-area voters cast their ballots, helping decide numerous local races. The Folsom City Council incumbents were re-elected Nov. 2. Steve Miklos, Andy Morin and Kerri Howell are set to log another term on the council. “I look forward to serving the community for another four years,” said Howell. “Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for recognizing the huge effort that has gone into making this such a great community.” Some residents say they threw their support behind the incumbents because the challengers didn’t bone up on the city’s issues. “Our incumbents here have done a very good job and I think they will continue to do so. The challengers had not identified any specific issues as to why (the incumbents) should be replaced,” said Jim Landis, of Folsom. “While I appreciate their spirit, I don’t appreciate their lack of preparedness.” Miklos said the voters chose those with proven track records. “The town appreciates the work we’ve done and it sends a strong message to pay your dues and learn about the city before trying to buy a seat on the city council,” he said. Mark Henry said he supported Howell because she isn’t a puppet. “I’ve known Kerri for 12 years and she always votes her conscience and has strong principles,” he said. “She’s a strong fiscal conservative. She’s the only one who stood up when everyone else said spend, spend, spend.” Sheriff race In the race for Sacramento County Sheriff, Scott Jones topped Jim Cooper by nearly 8,000 votes, according to the Sacramento County Registrar of Voters website Monday morning. Both candidates are captains in the department. Jones garnered 140,175 votes, or 51.18 percent, while Cooper had 132,825, or 48.49 percent. On the Facebook page for Jones, Bill Cardoza wrote, “My warmest congratulations and best wishes to you, Captain Jones, as Sacramento County’s sheriff-elect. There is a new sheriff in town! May God bless your leadership as Sacramento County’s top law enforcement officer.” On Election Night, Ray Shelton, of Orangevale, was unwinding with friends at Powerhouse Pub in Folsom. “I voted for Scott Jones, absolutely,” said Shelton. “I have a lot of law enforcement friends who know both personally. … According to them, Scott is our guy. It has nothing to do with race or color, but with character.” Cooper’s campaign Facebook page was no longer active by Monday.