Local residents lose weight in Spare Time Club's Lean Up program

By: Matt Long, Sports Editor
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Folsom residents Michael Kaye and Teri O’Brien were overweight, unhealthy and unmotivated before they decided to finally do something about it.

Kaye and O’Brien applied for Spare Time Clubs’ Lean Up Program, a free eight-week fitness program designed for the person who has struggled to succeed in previous attempts to get in shape and get healthier. The program, which ran from Sept. 17 to Nov. 9, has been over for a couple weeks now and Kaye and O’Brien are singing its praises for the positive effect it has had on their lives.

Kaye, 55, is a retired police investigator, who was looking for something that would produce better results than his regular trips to the gym. Kaye admitted he wasn’t motivated and he wasn’t getting much out of the exercise he was doing.

“I went to the doctor this summer and he said I was borderline diabetic, borderline high blood pressure and borderline high cholesterol and I didn’t want to cross those borders,” Kaye said. “I needed to lose 50 pounds and I saw an article on the Lean Up program and applied.”

O’Brien, 57, needed to lose weight too, but the bigger issue was her health. She had high cholesterol and needed to do something to get it down.

“I lost my job in January and needed to get health insurance and my cholesterol was high,” O’Brien said. “Like everyone else, I also needed to lose some weight so I saw the ad for the program and applied.”

Kaye was accepted into the program at Broadstone Racquet Club and worked out three days at week at 6 a.m. with seven others in the program. O’Brien was one of eight people who worked out in the afternoon at the El Dorado Hills Sports Club.

The group workouts lasted an hour and Kaye said his workouts were different every day. Participants were also expected to work out an additional three days a week on their own, including a one-hour meeting once a week with a personal trainer where the focus was more on weight training. The group also met once a week for a class on nutrition, where other health subjects were discussed as well.

“I loved this program,” Kaye said. “It’s the best thing that ever happened to me and it came at the right time. I lost 24 ½ pounds in eight weeks. I’m in the best shape I’ve been in and feel better than I have in a long time.

“It’s an intense program and it’s hard, but it was perfect for me. I needed a push. The trainers were outstanding and kept me motivated. I would recommend it to anyone.”

The program worked equally as well for O’Brien.

“The workouts were rigorous for some of us,” O’Brien said. “We had a run 5Ks and I’m not a runner. When you have someone watching you, though, it keeps you motivated. You also are competitive in your own mind with your group. Having others with similar goals helped to motivate me. I’ve never been around a more supportive or encouraging group. They made me feel like I wanted to do it.

“My cholesterol is now normal, I’m healthier and I also lost twice the weight that I thought I would have lost,” O’Brien said. “I feel better and I’m more energetic now. The program was the best thing I’ve done and I couldn’t be happier that they chose me. The club was wonderful. Everyone was helpful and very encouraging. I absolutely recommend the program to anyone.”

Kaye was one of 11 chosen at Broadstone Racquet Club.

“The results were huge,” said Maureen Evanoff, fitness director at Broadstone. “We had a total weight loss of 172.6 pounds and a total loss of 91.25 inches. We created some great friendships. It was an awesome group of people, who have changed their lifestyle.”

There were 20 participants in the program at the El Dorado Hills Sports Club.

“It was a success,” said Brigette Cornelius, a personal trainer who helped with the program. “I loved this group. They were in it with the right intentions. They were hard workers who were appreciative of the program. They did a good job of coming together as a team.”

Kaye’s and O’Brien’s success didn’t end with the program. Since it ended, Kaye has lost six pounds, while O’Brien has dropped five.

“I may have lost 25 pounds, but I gained a ton of healthier habits,” O’Brien said.