Letter: What in the world is going on with Folsom's finances?

Reader input
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Re: Officials unveil new city budget Your article (April 4, Folsom Telegraph) raised a “red flag” as to the budget forecast for 2013. I think the “rainy day” fund mentioned in your article is a great example of the pitfalls of forecasting based on the past. If we are not careful, Folsom could wind up like Stockton, Lincoln or Vallejo. An answer to the possible failure of a city lies in the fact that all cities should have a mandatory audit on an annual basis by an outside source, not tied to the city in any way. City Manager Evert Palmer and the city staff should be exploring his ideas mentioned in the article on a monthly basis as any proficient manager does running his or her own business, especially in today’s down-turning economy. I would like to hear why City Councilman Jeff Starsky calls it the “worst budget he has seen in 12 years.” The people of this fine community have a right to know what is going on. Stephen Templeton, Folsom