Letter: We need energy

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My name is Shane Austin and I am a 17 year-old senior at Oak Ridge High School. I am writing you to express my concern for our lack of energy sources in the United States. As a country, we need to realize that energy is going to be a serious problem one day, whether it is now or in 50 years. Just as a recent article in the Telegraph mentions, we are falling behind both China and Russia as far as our nuclear energy production. Increasing the amount of energy we get from nuclear sources is going to be essential one day, so we need to start now. I also wanted to support the view that former El Dorado Irrigation District director Harry Norris has on the whole “Delta Solution” issue. We need to protect our water rights. Giving them one gallon of water will make them want a thousand gallons of water and soon, the whole situation would be out of control. We would be giving more water away than we could afford. If we do give them any water, there needs to be strict restrictions set along with voter consent, of course. Shane Austin, El Dorado Hills