Letter: Vote city council out

Reader input
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I recently watched a Folsom City Council meeting and was quite disappointed again in the council members to justify the $1 a year rental of the office and facilities to the Chamber of Commerce. It seems that a sweetheart deal was given to them 20 years ago and the group is looking for an extension on that lease at that same bargain rent or an extension at the same deal until a bargain purchase deal can be made. They claim that the building is run down and needs “lots of repair.” I would expect that over the past 20 years the chamber would have been happy to show good will at that rent and make major improvements to the building as well as the proper updates. Who has maintained the building? I am willing to bet one year’s current rent on the building in question that there are several business people who would be delighted to rent that building for the suggested $500 per month. It was also stated that large corporations have been brought to Folsom by the chamber. The recent Folsom Telegraph front page story state’s that newly appointed mayor Jeff Starsky is the person responsible for bringing in Traders Joe’s and Costco. Face it, the council has made some decisions that are contrary to the popular thinking of the Folsom voters, like the location of the new library and the Sutter Street renovation project. City Council is not working for the people but seemingly toward their own agenda and that of the business people. The Chamber of Commerce is an organization of local business people who have been subsidized for 20 years and are willing to continue their theft from the people with the help of the elected city council. I will not be voting for any incumbents when the next elections come around and I hope others will also do the same. TONY HIDALGO, Folsom