Letter: Stop flow of transients into Folsom

Reader input
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I am writing this letter to address my concerns of the recent flow of transients in the city of Folsom. As a police officer for over 12 years, I have dealt with a lot of transients. I believe that Folsom is not handling the problem the right way. I believe they need to take a stronger approach to this problem. Everywhere I look I see them panhandling in front of Safeway or Target, walking the streets on East Bidwell or going through residential recycling containers. A lot, not all, transients bring nothing but problems, including, but not limited to, junk and rubbish, criminal activity, intoxication, illegal camp sites, eye sores to the Folsom taxpaying residents and so on and so forth. The date, I have seen no hard stance that the city and the police department have taken to alleviate this problem. Thanks to light rail, it will just get worse. Trent Freitas, Folsom