Letter: Stop big events in historic district

Reader input
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I have empathy for the Folsom Historic District residents who live in residential zones, but whose properties and roadways are used as toilets by alcohol users, and used by the city for improper access to commercial zone uses. All they want is the legal peaceful enjoyment of their residential-zoned properties and residential-only size roadways. For those who attend crowded city events on undersized roads, I worry that one day there will be civil or criminal disturbance, number of accidents, a large fire, or dam incident that necessitate rapid evacuation and plenty of space for emergency responders. Look around you. Common sense tells you huge crowds should be allowed only where there are the properly sized wide streets to service them, control them, and protect them, as well as the property owners in the vicinity. City and state laws absolutely mandate a certain minimum size (width and improvements) for roadways in various zoning districts. If there were a huge hotel or saloon fire in the Historic District, with no legally compliant roadways for emergency access and evacuation, a holocaust could result. Dense uses are mandated to have adequate, redundant access points. The law does not permit dense commercial-type gatherings on narrow roadways, small lots, and sites isolated from evacuation routes and emergency access points. The city needs to conform to city and state laws, before a sad emergency. Events laden with outdoor alcohol, like Folsom Live, need to be located in proper Commercial Zone sites served by 82-foot wide arterial access roads mandated by law. It’s about safety and obeying the laws. Someone benefits from alcohol sales, but it is not the residents and under-protected public. LJ Laurent, Folsom