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Letter: Reader wants followup on Mather story

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I am writing regarding the “Airport noise rousing residents’ anger” article that ran in the Sept. 19 Telegraph newspaper. 

I would love to see another follow-up article written that describes all the good that local airports bring to the area.  Many people aren't aware of the vital role airports play in our economy.

Having lived by a few airports, I understand that the noise they create can frustrating. Controversy over airport noise is common in towns all across America. 

Federal agencies are making strides to help eliminate aircraft noise by creating mandates to phase out noisy aircraft, continued production of new quieter aircraft, airport specific noise abatement procedures, and land-zoning to protect residents. 

The expansion of the Mather Airport will bring more air traffic to the area and therefore more revenue.

One article I read online stated that for every $1 spent at the local airport, it added $2.53 to the local economy.

In a sluggish economy, I welcome the opportunity of growth to our community.

When our local economy flourishes, the positive effect trickles down to the local residents and enhances our quality of life. 

I hope residents inconvenienced by the airport noise can work with Mather Airport officials to create a solution that both parties are satisfied with.

Erika Ochsner, Folsom