Letter: Racism rears ugly head in Folsom

Reader input
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It is 2012, but racism is still alive and well in Folsom. I am a white professional female who just returned from celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary to my husband Carl — a former marine who guarded our embassies and presidents around the globe, including in the Middle East. In addition, he has a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of San Francisco. Carl is African American and our life has not always been easy as a mixed couple with three mixed children. On a recent trip to Winco, my husband carried the dog food to the checker as I have had back surgery. There was a misunderstanding and it was placed on another customer’s bill. We tried to apologize but it was obvious she was making assumptions based on our casual attire and mixed ethnicity. She accused my husband of trying to rip her off and admonished the black cashier. She would not listen to reason and then acted as if she was scared to walk past my husband to pay her bill. Her poor daughter is being taught the same stereotypical view of the world that she possesses. My husband fought for his country, never thinks he deserves privileges due to his color and was embarrassed by this ignorant woman’s behavior. I hope more people think before they make assumptions on appearance. I’m sure things would have been different if my husband was white. Treat people respectfully. Kerry Simpson, Folsom