Letter: Noelle Mattock apologizes to El Dorado Hills residents

Reader input
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These past few months have been very difficult on the Community Services District, our community and the families involved. As part of a family who has lived in and served the El Dorado Hills community for the past 41 years, it breaks my heart to know that I have been part of such a difficult period in our history. I apologize to the community and the Skeel family for the length of time and clumsy nature in which it took us to make our decision. Could this have been handled better by all involved? I believe, yes. Hindsight is always 20-20, and if we had this to do all over again, I bet each of us may have done some things differently. That being said, I stand by the decision we made as a board, as the right one for the district and our community. I will work with my fellow board members to begin to heal the district and move us forward in a positive direction. I have listened to the concerns raised, and I am asking my fellow board members to bring in an outside consultant to review the district’s management practices. Additionally, I have heard the cry for leadership and lack of trust in the current management, so I am urging the board to hire an interim general manager and interim parks director. I also believe we need to use a professional recruiter when seeking out our permanent general manager. I will be asking my fellow board members to conduct final phase interviews with candidates in an open public meeting. Finally, I will be asking my fellow board members to seek requests for proposals for new general legal counsel for the district. Please know that I take my responsibility to serve as your representative on the CSD Board seriously and will continue to work on your behalf. Noelle Mattock, El Dorado Hills Community Services District board member