Letter: Mather Airport should be cargo hub, not hobbyists’ airstrip

Reader input
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I want to commend the Folsom city council for their efforts to assure Folsom residents that Mather Airport will continue to be a good neighbor. However, it has to be said that the opponents to the airport’s expansion actually want to shut down the current airport operations and turn it into the next Cameron Park Airport. Mather Airport is an essential part of the future economic vitality of our region. That’s why I supported the late Dave Cox in his efforts to maintain flight operations at Mather Airport and convert it to a cargo hub at the time the US Air Force was closing the base. Naysayers to the contrary notwithstanding. It is one thing to work cooperatively with our county government to continue Mather’s good neighborliness, it’s another to cater to the desires of an organized NIMBY special interest group that answers only to itself. Let’s hope future city councils don’t waste precious taxpayer money on hiring lawyers to sue over the expansion of Mather Airport. Besides, isn’t this really Rancho Cordova’s issue, if anyone’s? Robert G. Holderness, Folsom