Letter: Mather Airport plans rile former FAA?worker

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I have been a resident of El Dorado Hills since 2005. Prior, I was an FAA supervisor for air traffic in Oakland. In the 30 years of work, I lived near busy airports. I even experienced the crash of a cargo plane just blocks from my home when I was younger. That plane had just flown very low over me as I tried sleeping. Those experiences have taught me an important lesson; you do not want to live with jet aircraft flying over you and your neighbors’ homes at night. Whether it’s you, your wife or your children; someone in the home will not sleep well as large jet aircraft fly overhead. They make noise and make it often. No two ways about it. Sac County’s plans are clear: enlarge and expand. The master plan clearly states 40 aircraft an hour would be possible. Look at Memphis airport (Fedex’s HUB), you will see the future! Details at Michael Betts, El Dorado Hills