Letter: Ice rink drew crowds, money

Reader input
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I am deeply disappointed in the Folsom Chamber of Commerce for making a decision to not bring the ice rink back to Sutter Street. The ice rink drew many visitors to Downtown Folsom and created more revenue on Sutter Street. I understand times are tough, but times will be tougher without the rink drawing so many visitors and residents to Sutter Street. The article in The Telegraph seems so cut and dry. Have you asked the businesses in Downtown Folsom for donations to support the ice rink? Have you given our community the opportunity to donate what we can to see that this tradition continues for our families? On the Web site, it says that the rink will be here next year. How can you foresee that? What happened to all of the revenue from last year’s admission sales? The ice rink should be able to fund itself year after year with admission sales and boot rentals. Therefore, this tradition can continue for our kids and create a lasting memory for everyone. Tina Jacobson, Folsom