Letter: Folsom resident blasts events, homeless

Reader input
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I am a Folsom historic resident. First of all let me say I agree with the person about too much loitering, crime and lowlifes hanging around. These idiots come to town on light rail and forget to leave on the last train. Just last week, four guys were arrested in the alley going through my neighbor’s recycle cans. Were they looking for soda cans? No. They had pockets full of her personal information they had retrieved from her cans. I enjoyed the Telegraph’s year in review with the following exceptions: One night of Folsom Live was enough. Two nights is disastrous for the surrounding historic neighborhood. We have to abide by the chamber’s rules, get no discount to get into town and can’t even go to one of the restaurants for dinner. What happened to spending our money locally? We who live on Figueroa and Mormon streets have to clean up the trash, put up with fighting in the streets at 2 a.m. and vagrancy. We pay a lot of money for these old houses. Picking up liquor bottles, food wrappings and garbage after one of your events is ridiculous. Keep Folsom Live to one night, add mega security for surrounding streets, hire a clean-up detail to clean before the next morning and give us locals a break. Trust me, this year I will be getting a petition going well before this so-called “money-making” event. Sandra Grasso, Folsom