Letter: EID isn't flushing funds

Reader input
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It’s never been easier to pick on the El Dorado Irrigation District. So much so that some folks are getting away with reckless myths that only hinder the public’s ability to gather the facts. Recently a state joint legislative committee considered auditing EID operations and finances. Without interference from special interests, Republicans and Democrats from both houses decided that an audit was not justified by the facts, according to their 7 to 3 vote. Why? Because Independent audits of EID show no significant problems with EID accountability or finances. EID even earns awards for its “spirit of full disclosure…” in reporting its Comprehensive Annual Financial Review. The Westin Report, a thorough organizational audit commissioned in 2008 by the EID Board of Directors, detailed recommended improvements at EID — without the sugar coating. Actions taken as a result of the report have already made EID more responsive and efficient. Recently announced additional changes further reduce operating expenses and capital expenditures. We all know EID has more work to do. But its new and even leaner business model is expected to save ratepayers millions while still providing clean, safe reliable water and wastewater services. Let’s cool the overheated rhetoric and get the facts. Harry Norris, vice president, El Dorado Irrigation District Board of Directors