Letter: Drive carefully

Reader input
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I would like to comment on some of the worst driving I have seen by Folsom area residents. While driving from my home near Vista del Lago High School to Kohl’s and back, I encountered four of the most dangerous driving activities by adults that I have ever witnessed. The first bonehead maneuver was performed by a woman driving a Lexus, drinking her coffee and talking on the phone using her headset. She decided to make a left-hand turn from Broadstone Parkway onto Golflinks Drive without stopping for the posted stop sign in a school zone. Second bonehead driver was leaving the Kohl’s parking lot trying to make a left-hand turn with someone already in the “suicide lane” making a left into the 24 Hour Fitness parking lot. This idiot decided to drive the wrong way down Riley Street into oncoming traffic. The third driver was behind me on the corner of Riley Street and East Bidwell, again in a school zone, where I was stopped behind the crosswalk waiting for oncoming traffic to make their left hand turn onto East Bidwell. Traffic law states that I must yield to the oncoming traffic because they have the right to turn into either lane. Genius behind me starts honking and waving his hands around, giving me the finger. The fourth one was driving a Suburban on East Bidwell Street, moved into the left-hand turn lane with red light arrow and decided to make a U-turn into oncoming traffic that had a green light. Just because there is a specified left-hand turn lane, doesn’t mean that if you are in that lane, you have the right to bolt into traffic. You have to yield, and that’s the law. Bottom line is that these drivers are typical of Folsom, and need to go to the local DMV and pick up a driving manual and read it before their bad habits kill anyone. My suggestion to these particular drivers, and any driver for that matter, is to stay off the phone, don’t drink your coffee while driving, pay attention to what you are doing otherwise you may be involved in a serious or even fatal accident. Take responsibility for your actions people. You are driving what could be considered a deadly weapon. Lisa Miller-Hobbs, Folsom