Letter: Cargo flights will dwarf old military flights at Mather

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Re: Robert G. Holderness letter in the Oct. 3 Telegraph. It is obvious by his comments that Mr. Holderness has no idea the magnitude of the proposed expansion of Mather Airport to a west coast cargo hub. It should be noted he lives on the other side of town not even close to the Air Cargo flight path. He indicates the citizens opposed to this expansion are a “NIMBY special interest group”. This is ludicrous. I have been fighting this issue and only know three other people that are involved and there is no organized group. Those three families have been fighting this for 10-plus years. We as individual citizens are fighting this due to the current ongoing disturbance 3 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. five to six days a week. The Folsom City Council had their meeting on Sept. 11 and addressed this issue and the council chambers were 90 percent full with people like my wife and I who are against the Mather expansion. When the military was here, their flights were over by midnight and most good weather flights came in from the south so not to go over many housing areas. This affects Shingle Springs, Camino, Placerville, Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills and all of Folsom close to Highway 50, not to mention Rancho Cordova and others. The most recent Environmental Impact Report is so flawed that nothing should be expanded based on that report. The chairman of the Board of Supervisors of El Dorado County spelled it out perfectly in his Sept. 18 letter to Marianne Biner, DERA Analyst with the Sacramento County Environmental Review and Assessment committee. Any Mather expansion will dramatically affect property values and economic expansion of Folsom and some of the other cities, such as Folsom’s recent south of Highway 50 annexation. There will also be far more noise and disturbance than exists currently. With the waiting list at Executive Airport, there should be no problem making Mather a regional airport that pays for itself and then some. Dean Brown, Folsom