Let imaginations roam at Sacramento Children's Museum in Rancho Cordova

By: Ken Larson, Folsom Lake Entertainer
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RANCHO CORDOVA CA - The Sacramento Children?s Museum opened its doors last August next to City Hall in Rancho Cordova. It?s a place where imagination can roam, confidence can grow and families can experience the power of play in a safe and welcoming environment. The museum features various exhibit areas that encourage children?s imaginations and prompts them to test, tinker, laugh and wonder. Special shows, programs and speakers continually complement the exhibits. Even though it is designed primarily for children from birth to 8 years old, it appeals to all ages. The 7,000-square-foot building includes a main exhibit area that showcases permanent and temporary exhibits, as well as a special area for babies and toddlers, a creative art studio a party room and a resource center. The idea for a children?s museum in Sacramento began with Kathleen Palley, a local mom and teacher who saw a need for inspiring learning through interactivity. She started the non-profit corporation and received support from hundreds of businesses, educations, professionals and others as the project came to fruition. ?A children?s museum is about the future,? she said. ?Those futures include leaders, artists, dreamers, scientists, farmers, parents and explorers who are today?s children.? Some of the components include: Waterways, which promotes wet activities such as building boats, creating whirlpools and experiencing with water flow. My neighborhood, which includes a gigantic story tree and offers fun role-playing opportunities. World Market helps build cultural awareness and celebrate families and traditions as it relates to each individual family and child. Airways and Raceways, which demonstrates the basic principal of objects in motion, such as why people don?t fall out of a rollercoaster when riding upside down. Art Studio, which provides opportunities for self-expression and creativity, using a variety of materials. Baby Bloomers, which offers safe exploration activities designed specifically for babies and toddlers. Resource Center, the source of parenting and child development information to parents, childcare providers and other care givers. Party Room is an area that can be rented for birthday and holiday celebrations Admission is $7 per person and $6 for seniors and military. Children under the age of one are free. The Children?s Museum is located at 2701 Prospect Park Drive in Rancho Cordova. * * * Sacramento Children?s Museum Where:?2701 Prospect Park, Rancho Cordova Phone: (916) 638-7225 Admission: $7 general, $6 seniors & military Online: