King out, Miklos in as mayor

Sheldon takes City Council seat alongside Starsky
By: Don Chaddock/The Telegraph
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Ernie Sheldon, the outspoken grass-roots candidate, took his place on the Folsom City Council Monday night along with re-elected Jeff Starsky. The makeup of the council remains roughly the same, with Eric King finishing his eight years with one more turn at the gavel during Monday’s special session meeting. Before a packed City Council chambers, King said he was thankful for the work the council completed during his two terms in office. King opted not to seek re-election, leaving a wide-open seat. “This is my last, last meeting,” King said. The council approved Resolution 8412, officially declaring the city’s voting results. “Congratulations to those who were just re-elected or elected,” King said. Starsky was sworn in by City Clerk Christa Schmidt. “Thank you, Christa, for the honor of swearing me in for the third time,” Starsky said. “We’re about to face some of the most tumultuous times this city has ever faced. … We will get through these very difficult times.” The city is facing an $8.4 million deficit and according to City Manager Kerry Miller, they may be faced with cutting up to 80 positions in a worst-case scenario. After Sheldon was sworn in by retired judge Peter Mering, he thanked his supporters and hinted at some of the tough decisions ahead. “I want to echo what Jeff said about thanking everyone (for their support),” Sheldon said. “To those who have left messages on my phone, I do not walk on water.” According to Sheldon, the city is at least starting on fairly stable ground. “We start from a good point,” he said. “A lot of cities are a lot worse off than we are.” Sheldon nominated Steve Miklos to serve as mayor and Starsky to serve as vice mayor. Councilwoman Kerri Howell cast one “no” vote again Miklos while the other members voted “yes.” Starsky received unanimous support. Sheldon said he chose the pair for the posts because he wanted to show that the City Council could work together. “I’m attempting to be sure we are a team up here, both the council and the staff, so we can get it done,” Sheldon said. Councilman Andy Morin apologized to those gathered that there wasn’t more to the evening’s meeting, which wrapped up just shy of 30 minutes. “We apologize we didn’t have a better show for you today,” Morin said. “I look forward to the next few years. … We are in great hands.” The next City Council meeting is Tuesday, Dec. 9 at 6 p.m. at City Hall at 50 Natoma Street in Folsom.